Website hosting - how to choose the best hosting provider

Website hosting – how to choose the best hosting provider

Website hosting - how to choose the best hosting provider

Website Hosting is a (paid) service that allows your website to be accessible to anyone connected to the internet.

Your site resides on a ‘server’, a powerful computer that can serve your website to any computer with a web browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari etc). You could potentially host your website yourself on your own computer, but the technology and expertise required to do so is quite costly and labor intensive. Your own server would have to be online 24/7, needs to be able to handle many simultaneous server requests for your website, has to have all kinds of hacker proof security, and you need to monitor it around the clock to handle any break downs. Realistically, the most efficient option is to contract this out to a specialist company.

There are many web hosting companies around, some well established and many others out for a quick buck. It’s quite a task to find one that is reliable, secure and with proper infrastructure in place. Website hosting contracts vary widely as well, from at about US$4 per month to a lot more.

Since my company has a lot of individual websites we are always on the lookout for the best deal around, meaning highest reliability and features at reasonable cost. Our preferred hosting provider will change over time as new and better offers become available. To see what I think is the current best deal please click:

Webhosting with free Domain Name

Click the link above and follow the instructions.

When you sign up for hosting you usually get a free domain name. This is where you enter the domain name you selected in the previous section How to choose a domain name?. Also, the longer period you sign up for the cheaper it gets, hence I would recommend to sign up for at least three years to get the best price.

Some hosting providers will try to upsell you extra services like website builder, automated back-up, domain privacy, website protection and others. Make sure you de-select all of these, you don’t need them. Just stick with the pure hosting alone, so your cost should only be the cost for monthly hosting times 36 month. Example: if hosting per month is US$3.95 all you should pay is $3.95 x 36 = $142.20, nothing more. There is now way around paying for domain and hosting, but this is the only mandatory expense you will have for three years – everything else just costs you time and effort.

Once you have completed your payment you will get a confirmation email with your login and password info, keep that in a safe place as you will need it for the next step.

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