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New Google AdWords Interface – a first Look

New Google AdWords Interface – a first Look

A revamp of the current, not very user friendly Google AdWords interface has been anticipated for quite a while now. A beta version of new Google AdWords interface has finally been rolled out, but only a very few selected advertisers have been invited to give it a try. While we were not among the lucky selected we still got our hands on some screen shots (many thanks to AccuraCast for sharing them with us), which in turn we are happy to share with you here.

The first thing in the new Google AdWords interface that stands out is that the main, top navigation menu has been moved to the left. This new design will be a challenge for smaller screens on i.e. laptops as it encroaches into the main data display area. The good news is that navigation will be a lot easier compared to the current interface. In addition, the new interface also adds more color to the data, which gives an easier visualization of important changes in your data over a period of time.

Google AdWords New

The Opportunities Tab has moved from the top navigation bar to the left, and is now prominently displayed above the Campaigns tab and AdGroups tab. Now several opportunities are displayed simultaneously rather than one-by-one as in the old interface. This will make it easier for users to focus on the more important ones first.

new Google AdWords interface-Opportunities

In order to better assist advertisers in selecting the right audience, the new ‘Demographics’ tab is now available for both Display and Search, and gets it’s own tab in the main navigation menu on the left. A major new feature here is that, besides the familiar tabs on Age, Gender and Parental Status you can now also target your ads based on Household Income which was previously not available.

new Google AdWords interface-Demographics Tab

Reporting in the new Google AdWords interface has been simplified and now also includes Dimensions (renamed as Predefined Reports). You can now easily break down your reports based on pre-defined and custom metrics as shown in the screen shot.

new Google AdWords interface-Reporting Tab

Some Shared Library items like Business Data and Linked Accounts have been moved to a Setup tab which is now part of the main Tools tab, accessible from the top right menu. This tab now also consolidates popular tools like the Keyword Planner, the Preview Tool but also Shared Library items. I personally like this a lot, previously one had to hunt for different tools and settings all over the interface. Interestingly, the tools themselves have not changed and still look & work the same.

new Google AdWords interface-Tools Tab

Last but not least, and arguably quite ironic: the new interface is NOT mobile friendly. If you would like to manage your AdWords Campaigns on your smartphone you will need to get the official Google AdWords App instead.

new Google AdWords interface-Not mobile friendly

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Beginner Mistakes in Google AdWords: #1 – mixing unrelated Keywords

Beginner Mistakes in Google AdWords: #1 – mixing unrelated Keywords

Beginner Mistakes in Google AdWords: #1 - mixing unrelated Keywords

The mistake of lumping unrelated keywords together in one AdGroup is the single most common reason for unnecessarily high cost in Google AdWords advertising.

An AdWords account is set up as individual Campaigns, and each Campaign is divided into individual AdGroups. Each Campaign is based on an individual, specific business goal. For example, we have one AdWords account for our website which houses eight separate Search Campaigns for each of the eight courses and workshops we offer. Each course represents an individual and specific business goal (we also have some additional Display Campaigns, more on these later).

Each of our eight Campaigns houses a varying number of individual AdGroups, which in turn contain our relevant keyword lists and related text ads. The ‘holy grail’ of efficient AdWords advertising lies in getting these AdGroups setup correctly. What I see all the time when I look at client’s or course participant’s AdGroups is that they lump all kinds of keywords together and write a generic ad for it.

Let’s assume you sell shoes, and you make only one Campaign with only one AdGoup containing the four kinds of footwear that you sell: shoes, sandals, boots and slippers. Since your keywords are so diverse you can only write a generic ad for it, and send your potential customers to your homepage when they click the ad. From there your visitors would have to search again on your website for the products they are interested in. Most people will not bother and click the ‘Back’ button on their browser. You have lost the customer.

What you should do instead is to create four Campaigns: one each for shoes, sandals, boots and slippers. Each of these will then house related AdGroups – let’s take the ‘shoes Campaign’ as example:

You would create one AdGroup named ‘mens black leather shoes’ and build a keywords list around this core keyword, i.e. ‘mens black leather shoes’, ‘black leather shoes for men’, ‘buy black leather shoes’, ‘black leather mens shoes sale’ and so on. Make the list as exhaustive as you can with multiple variations, but retain the core keyword. A black leather shoe is not the same as a brown leather shoe! Since your keywords list is now very specific you can build a highly relevant ad for it, again using your core keyword in the ads headline and/or description. The final URL will of course lead to a landing page on your website that is only about black leather shoes, NOT to shoes in general and definitely not to your homepage.

You will then need to repeat this again for your brown leather shoes, blue velvet shoes and whatever other shoes you sell. Focus each AdGroup only on one type of shoe. You are allowed up to 10,000 AdGroups per Campaign, so don’t take any shortcuts and stick to this plan. Once you’re done with shoes move on to the other Campaigns and repeat the same again for each individual footwear type.

I can hear you say “Boy, this will take a lot of time to setup”.

You are right, it does – but trust me on this one: it’s worth the time! What you end up with are very targeted keywords lists with highly relevant ads. If someone does a search on Google for ‘black leather shoe sale’ your ad will trigger, and your ad will be about ‘black leather shoes’ so the chance for a click is high. Since the user is looking for a specific shoe type and you send him to a specific landing page on your website exactly about the product he is looking for the chance for a sale is high. This will make the initial work worth it.

To sum it up: Make your keyword lists as specific as you possibly can. Write a couple of highly relevant as for it and send the click to a relevant landing page. You’ll have a lot of work to do upfront, but your will get much better sales conversions from the initial effort.

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The most expensive 100 Google Adwords keywords in the US

The most expensive 100 Google Adwords keywords in the US

This post is derived from Chris Lake’s article on Search Engine Watch, all credits go to him as the original author.

Chris compiled the below list of the most expensive keyword bids on Google AdWords for US advertisers. The top prize goes to legal advertisements by lawyers for Mesothelioma, a cancer associated especially with exposure to asbestos. The cost for a single click is almost USD1000, that’s about RM4000 per click. Nuts!

Having said that, settlements for such court cases usually come up to at least 1 Million USD, and the lawyer takes at least half of that. This puts it a bit into perspective and probably makes it worthwhile. But it’s still nuts!

Here is the list of the top 100 most expensive keywords in the US. The cost is shown in US$ and are for one single click! Again, all credit goes to Chris Lake from Search Engine Watch, you can read the full article there.

most expensive Google Adwords keywords

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Why you need to get your Marketing Staff certified in Google AdWords

Why you need to get your Marketing Staff certified in Google AdWords

Google AdWords Certification

Google is the by far the most used search engine in many parts of the world including in Malaysia. Everybody nowadays seems to just ‘google’ for information they require, be it via a laptop or computer, or a smart device like phone or tablet.

Millions of advertisers worldwide have been shifting their advertising budgets towards online advertising, at the cost of traditional print advertising. Comscore, a leading market research company, estimates worldwide online ad spending to rise to US$57.5 billion in 2015 and US$62.0 billion in 2016 at the expense of print advertising. It’s a fact: print advertising is a sunset industry, and online advertising is replacing it.

If you have ever made a search on Google you will have recognized the advertisements embedded into the search results. They are usually displayed on top of the organic search results and at the bottom. The great advantage of advertising on Google search for example is that only ads will be shown to a person that are highly relevant to what that person has searched for. In a simplified example: if you are a Malaysian advertiser for sports shoes then your ad will only be shown to people who search for sports shoes in Malaysia, and not to people searching for i.e. dresses, phones etc – it’s called contextual advertising, and it is highly specific. This is in contrast to i.e. advertising in newspapers or magazines, where an advertiser will get lots of ad views but mostly from people who are not interested in what the ad has to offer.

“Malaysian marketing landscape the rate of learning is not keeping up with market demands.“

It is particularly important for new and established advertising agencies to catch onto this growing trend. Recently Nestle’s Communications Director Khoo Kar Khoon said in an August 2015 interview with Malaysia’s Marketing Magazine that in the “Malaysian marketing landscape the rate of learning is not keeping up with market demands.“ Khoo elaborated: “This is a problem that starts all the way in education – universities and colleges are not keeping up when it comes to training students to be ready for marketing. Then, in marketing teams themselves, marketers are finding it hard to transfer skills – for example, someone trained in TV finds it hard to move to digital,” he said.

For search advertising Google commands a 67% market share worldwide (Comscore, 2013) and is the preferred choice of digital advertising in Malaysia. Advertising on Google is highly competitive and can be immensely costly for an advertiser if he/she is not properly trained in the technical details like keyword research, ad composition, Quality Score, AdRank and many other nuances.

Google AdWords includes advertising on Google’s search results pages as well as many other online advertising avenues like YouTube, Shopping, Gmail as well as advertising on millions of big & small websites around the world. It is arguably the industry standard for online advertising, and it will remain as such for as long as Google is around. Competitors like Microsoft/Yahoo Bing follow the same principles as AdWords, hence with proper Google AdWords training any advertiser can also use alternative online advertising venues besides Google efficiently after proper training.

The Google AdWords Certification is the current international gold standard for online advertising certification. Since the certificate is issued not by the individual training provider but directly by Google it is recognized worldwide.

The Google AdWords Certification Program is targeted at all industries that currently are or are planning to advertise their products or services online. Basically, any company that advertises online should have staff that is properly trained to do so in a professional and cost effective manner.

It is worth to point out that after your staff is certified in Google AdWords the trained individual will become a certified Google Partner and will receive additional support from Google directly that is not otherwise available to individuals.

In short: online advertising is the future of advertising, Google AdWords is the dominant way of doing so, and the Google AdWords certification enables new and existing marketing staff to adapt to these global changes in advertising.

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