Google AdWords New Interface

New Google AdWords Interface – a first Look

A revamp of the current, not very user friendly Google AdWords interface has been anticipated for quite a while now. A beta version of new Google AdWords interface has finally been rolled out, but only a very few selected advertisers have been invited to give it a try. While we were not among the lucky selected we still got our hands on some screen shots (many thanks to AccuraCast for sharing them with us), which in turn we are happy to share with you here.

The first thing in the new Google AdWords interface that stands out is that the main, top navigation menu has been moved to the left. This new design will be a challenge for smaller screens on i.e. laptops as it encroaches into the main data display area. The good news is that navigation will be a lot easier compared to the current interface. In addition, the new interface also adds more color to the data, which gives an easier visualization of important changes in your data over a period of time.

Google AdWords New

The Opportunities Tab has moved from the top navigation bar to the left, and is now prominently displayed above the Campaigns tab and AdGroups tab. Now several opportunities are displayed simultaneously rather than one-by-one as in the old interface. This will make it easier for users to focus on the more important ones first.

new Google AdWords interface-Opportunities

In order to better assist advertisers in selecting the right audience, the new ‘Demographics’ tab is now available for both Display and Search, and gets it’s own tab in the main navigation menu on the left. A major new feature here is that, besides the familiar tabs on Age, Gender and Parental Status you can now also target your ads based on Household Income which was previously not available.

new Google AdWords interface-Demographics Tab

Reporting in the new Google AdWords interface has been simplified and now also includes Dimensions (renamed as Predefined Reports). You can now easily break down your reports based on pre-defined and custom metrics as shown in the screen shot.

new Google AdWords interface-Reporting Tab

Some Shared Library items like Business Data and Linked Accounts have been moved to a Setup tab which is now part of the main Tools tab, accessible from the top right menu. This tab now also consolidates popular tools like the Keyword Planner, the Preview Tool but also Shared Library items. I personally like this a lot, previously one had to hunt for different tools and settings all over the interface. Interestingly, the tools themselves have not changed and still look & work the same.

new Google AdWords interface-Tools Tab

Last but not least, and arguably quite ironic: the new interface is NOT mobile friendly. If you would like to manage your AdWords Campaigns on your smartphone you will need to get the official Google AdWords App instead.

new Google AdWords interface-Not mobile friendly

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