The most expensive 100 Google Adwords keywords in the US

This post is derived from Chris Lake’s article on Search Engine Watch, all credits go to him as the original author.

Chris compiled the below list of the most expensive keyword bids on Google AdWords for US advertisers. The top prize goes to legal advertisements by lawyers for Mesothelioma, a cancer associated especially with exposure to asbestos. The cost for a single click is almost USD1000, that’s about RM4000 per click. Nuts!

Having said that, settlements for such court cases usually come up to at least 1 Million USD, and the lawyer takes at least half of that. This puts it a bit into perspective and probably makes it worthwhile. But it’s still nuts!

Here is the list of the top 100 most expensive keywords in the US. The cost is shown in US$ and are for one single click! Again, all credit goes to Chris Lake from Search Engine Watch, you can read the full article there.

most expensive Google Adwords keywords

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