Digital Marketing Strategies for Decision Makers

Digital Marketing Strategies for Decision Makers


This corporate training course in Digital Marketing Strategies for Decision Makers will help Corporate Decision Maker (Senior Manager, C-Suite Level, Board Member) to get a firm grip on the principles, to come up with an overall digital marketing strategy, and to get a better understanding of the industry jargon.

Target Staff Group (by Designation):

This corporate training course in Digital Marketing Strategies for Decision Makers is aimed at corporate Senior Managers, C-Suite level Executives and corporate Board Members who need to significantly improve their digital marketing knowledge in order to devise up-to-date Digital Marketing Strategies for their business.

Targeted Industries:

Any business leader in any industry segment that has or plans to have an online presence.

Course Description:

Digital (= online) Marketing of your Company’s Products and Services has to form an integral part of your overall corporate marketing strategy. ‘Digital’ encompasses everything from online advertising via i.e. Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads, Social Media Marketing (including Influencer Marketing), eMail Marketing,  Affiliate Marketing etc. all the way to being able to effectively measure the outcome of all online marketing initiatives for their impact on ROI. To most non-practitioners that often looks like a black box, making them uncomfortable in dealing with the challenges of devising and strategizing their company’s online activities.

Many companies contract their Digital Marketing activities out to agencies, hoping that they come up with what’s best for the company. In most such cases blind trust is given to the agency, and next to no monitoring or reporting is provided for. On the other hand, no one knows the company better than it’s decision makers. Should they not be the ones who devise the online strategy? Often it is the lack of knowledge (or even fear of the unknown) that holds them back.

This corporate course in Digital Marketing Strategies for Decision Makers is targeted at corporate Decision Makers who need to get a better handle on understanding how Digital Marketing works, how online strategies can be formulated and implemented, and how outcomes can be measured.

Course Outline (customizable to your needs):

This corporate training program can be fully customized to your company’s needs. Our recommended training modules include:

  • Module 1: How to develop an overall Digital Marketing Strategy.
  • Module 2: How to effectively set realistic Digital Marketing KPIs and measure outcomes for positive ROI.
  • Module 3: Learn the principles behind Social Media Marketing.
  • Module 4: What is Influencer Marketing, and will it benefit your business?
  • Module 5: How does online Advertising work?
  • Module 6: How eMail Campaigns work and why they should be part of your Strategy.
  • Module 7: What is Affiliate Marketing, and how it can expand your sales force without paying a salary.

Please contact us if you need a detailed breakdown of the training modules.


A certificate of participation will be issued at the end of the corporate training.


Our Fee for the corporate Digital Marketing Strategies for Decision Makers course depends on the desired duration (we recommend to set aside 2 full working days) and the number of participants. If your company is outside the Klang Valley there may be additional travel costs for the facilitator/trainer.

This corporate training course is HRDF claimable for contributing companies (subject to HRDF approval).

Recent Testimonials

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Kamariah MN
Kamariah MN Vice President at Open University Malaysia

One would have thought that a digital marketing course would be dry and boring but not with Dr Frank’s class. He is the Guru in this area. I enjoyed the course, his delivery style is fun and straight to the point, making things simple for those new in the area. The course brings me up to speed with what’s happening in this area.

Testimonial provided via LinkedIn

Wilhall Lee Assistant Vice President, Employee Development di Themed Attractions Resorts & Hotels Sdn Bhd
If you are ever looking for a trainer to train on digital marketing, Dr. Frank J. Peter is the one! He's managed to make a very technical subject exceptionally entertaining, not to mention his approach which is very hands-on and practical. Highly recommended! Testimonial provided via LinkedIn
Professor Dr. Siva Muthaly Dean of Faculty of Business and Management at Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU / APIIT)
Dr. Frank J. Peter is an excellent trainer in the area of e-commerce, data analytics, social media, and the finite details of interpretation on google analytics. I had the pleasure and treat of attending his 5 day training program and I personally found it highly beneficial, and his delivery style is interactive and practical in nature. He has a very articulate skill of making most difficult aspects of the diverse facets of e-commerce in a simple and palatable manner. His training program has always embedded with "hands on" applications from a real world perspective. He has an immaculate personality, and I am most impressed with his attention to detail by having an all encompassing style of delivery. In summation, as a Professor of Marketing and Dean of Business, I would strongly recommend Dr. Frank as the "Guru" in the area of the "Digital Arena" . Please do not hesitate to contact me personally if you do need any details of Dr. Frank Peter's caliber and stature in the area of training and consulting in the 'Web Space' and "digital" landscape space. Testimonial provided via LinkedIn