Build your free website with Google my Business

How to build your free (simple) Google My Business Website

Google My Business Website

Every businesses should have a website. More and more consumers do some degree of online research before engaging with a company, big or small. However, many (especially small) businesses don’t have a website. For those who would like to have one but are worried about cost or time to create one, Google has come up with a simple but usable free tool – the Google My Business Website builder. In this post we show you how to use it.

A word of caution before we start: creating a website with the Google My Business Website builder will result in a very simple, one-page site with very limited design choices. It is easy to use, but if you are looking for a fancy website for your company than this is not for you.

A pre-requisite of using this tool is that you have an existing (also free) ‘Google My Business’ page. If you don’t please read this post first on How to make a Google My Business Page. Once you’re done come back here and build your website.

Log into your Google My Business Page and click on the link ‘Website’ in the left navigation menu. A welcome screen will pop up like the image on top of this post. Click on ‘Get Started’. You will see a draft of your website that has been automatically put together using your ‘Google My Business’ details, including a header image, phone number, address (including a Google map), opening hours etc.

Google website select theme

In the left navigation menu in the Google My Business Website interface you will see ‘Theme’ on top. Click that and choose a color combination that is closest to representing your brand. As you can see it’s quite limited. Our corporate colors are red, dark grey and white, and there is no option for that so I stuck with the default ‘Retro’ theme. Once you have made your choice click on the ‘Edit’ menu. A small pop-up will appear asking you to save your theme. You can change the theme later at any time.

Next is to edit some of the text in your new page. Click the blue area in the ‘Edit’ pop-up on the left and edit your headline, description, summary header and summary body:

Headline: this should be your Business name, it will appear in the top part of your header image.

Description: this is the tag line that appears just below the headline. Make sure you include words or phrases that a customer would use to describe your products or services, and keep it concise. Google will use this info to evaluate what your site is all about, and it helps for your new page to show up in Google search results for the words/terms that you use in this description. In our case I used “Digital Marketing Training in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Social Media and more.”

Summary Header: this will change the default line of text that says ‘About us’. In my opinion, rather than talking about my company in the subsequent section I’d rather talk about the products & services we offer, so I renamed the Summary header to “What we offer”.

Summary Body: Note: click on the word ‘Summary body’, not below the line. In this section you can provide details about your company and/or about the products & services that you offer. Again, keep it concise and to-the-point. Make sure you again use words or phrases that your customers would type into Google search if they wanted to find the products or services that you offer. You can use a numbered list or a bullet list to keep it neat and easy to read.

Google website make a link

If you already have a website or i.e. Facebook Page or LinkedIn Page then you can add these links here. Just highlight the words that you would like to use as links (called ‘Anchor text’), click on the icon that looks a bit like a chain link and paste the link your website (page), FB page etc in the box on top & save it. Once you’re done with all your text click the ‘✔’ on the top of the edit box to save your edits.

The section for ‘Photos’ is pre-loaded with images you have put on your Google My Business Page. You can add additional photos here. To remove a photo log into your Google My Business Page and remove it from there.

Lastly you can change the cover photo on the very top of your webpage. Click on the ‘Change cover photo’ icon and select a suitable image from your computer. You should use an image that well represents your brand. You may want to use a darker image so the text is better to read. This header image will be the first thing people with see, so if you don’t have a good image spend a few $$ and have one done, it’s worth it. You don’t want your company to look shabby with a lousy image. Optimal size for the Google My Business Website builder header image should have a 16:9 aspect ratio, i.e. 1000 x 563 pixels.

Google My Business Website

Once you are happy with your work click the ‘Publish’ button on the top right. Important: if you have an existing website make sure you un-tick the button next to ‘Make this my website address on Google Search & Map’. If this is your only website then leave it ticked for now.

To update/edit your website log into your Google My Business Page and click on ‘Website’ in the left navigation menu to launch the Google My Business Website interface. In the editor go to ‘Settings’ on the left and unpublish your website. Then do your edits. Once done click on ‘Publish’ on the top right and all updates will be saved. Remember to un-tick the box in case you already have an existing website. If this is your first and only website leave it ticked.

That’s it. If you want to take a look at ours, here it is: