Google AdWords Certification Training

Google AdWords Certification
This 3-Day Google AdWords Certification Course is available as Corporate Training Course at your company’s premises/office and is fully HRDF claimable (subject to HRDF approval). If you are interested in getting several of your staff certified at your own office please contact us using our Contact Form. We will get back to you within one business day with details.

If you have only a couple of your colleagues it will be more cost effective if you send them to our Public Training. This is also fully HRDF claimable (again subject to HRDF approval). In this case please register your staff on this page.

Digital (= online) Advertising is arguably the best way to reach your intended Marketing Audience. If you or your company is still stuck in the old ways you are already left behind. You have to catch up with the Digital World NOW! Learn Google AdWords with us and get certified as knowledgeable Digital Advertising Professional – directly by Google.

Google AdWords CertificationWho will benefit from the Google AdWords Certification?

The Google AdWords Certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords. The Google AdWords Certification allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an expert in online advertising.

This Google AdWords Certification Course is aimed at Marketing Staff who preferably have some working knowledge of Google AdWords, and want to acquire Google Certification in order to significantly improve their digital marketing knowledge or simply to learn how to get the most out of Google AdWords.

  • Entry to top level Marketing Staff in ANY Industry (the future in online!)
  • Marketing Agencies (digital and traditional)
  • Existing Google AdWords Advertiser struggling with using Google AdWords cost effectively
  • Staff of Companies that are ‘just’ going online

Google AdWords Certification CourseYour Certificate

The Certificate is issued directly by Google. After passing both exams you will hold it in your hand at the end of the 3-day course.

The Google AdWords Certificate is by now a standard certification for people working in Digital Marketing. If you don’t have it you risk for your skills to be outdated. Take part in our course, and join the modern digital marketers. It’s only 3 days, but imagine how it can change your professional life by being at the forefront of current knowledge.

Google AdWords Certification CourseWhat you will learn over 3 days:

Google AdWords Fundamentals

  • Introduction to AdWords
    • Understanding AdWords
    • Understanding the Google Network
  • Account management
  • Campaign and ad group management
    • Create and manage your campaigns
    • Create and manage your ad groups
  • Keyword targeting
    • Getting the most out of your keywords
    • Keywords and the Display Network
  • Language & location targeting
  • Ad formats
    • Creating your ads
    • Managing your ads
  • Budgets and bidding
    • Introduction to budgets
    • Introduction to bidding
  • Measurement and optimization
    • Overview of AdWords measurement
    • Optimization fundamentals
  • Performance, profitability, and growth
  • Managing multiple accounts
  • Official Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam (2 hours)

Google AdWords Display Advertising Advanced

  • Display ads on the Google Display Network
    • Understanding the value of display and the Google Display Network
    • Plan a Google Display Network Campaign
    • Create your ads
    • Implement a campaign
    • Measure performance
    • Optimize and refine
  • Display ads on YouTube
    • Understanding display advertising on YouTube
    • Planning and implementing a YouTube campaign
    • Creating ads for YouTube
    • Measuring and optimizing performance
  • Display ads on mobile devices
  • Official Google AdWords Display Advanced Exam (2 hours)

Google AdWords Certification CourseCost

If we come to you and conduct the training at your office premises we will charge according to HRDF guidelines, which may include travel expenses etc. if required. All in the course is 100% HRDF claimable, subject to HRDF approval. There are no hidden costs, and no extra payment is required from your company besides from your existing HRDF contribution.

If your staff joins our public courses at our training center the cost for this 3-day AdWords Certification training is only RM3000 and is fully HRDF claimable (with HRDF approval). It includes the training materials, both exams and certification as well as refreshments (parking is not included). There are no hidden costs and there is nothing else you have buy.

Google AdWords Certification CourseNot sure? Here are some recent Testimonials:

Google AdWords Certification Workshop“I can’t thank you enough for your patience and persistence in teaching me the Google AdWords training program and preparing me for the test. You couldn’t have been a better teacher. 100% and a full 10/10. It was much better than the usual training I had been taking in digital media” – David Marshman, Queensland Roofing Director

Google AdWords Certification Workshop“The Google Adwords Certification Course by Dr. Frank Peter is a great course! The informal style of class is a best way for me to understand more about Adwords. More over, the handbooks provided during the class contains lots of information that is essential for the exam! Thank you!.” – Hafiz Mokhtar, Averis Sdn. Bhd.

Google AdWords Certification Workshop“Attended Dr.Frank’s Google AdWords Certification and it was an eye-opener to me. I am pleased to recommend his course to people who want to get deeper insights about digital marketing. He teaches from his own many years of experience and shows us real life examples. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in Google AdWords and beyond after attending his 3-day course. He is one of the best instructors in this field in Malaysia and that’s what makes him stand out among other institutes which offer the same course. Thank you, Frank!” – Veneesa Sinsua, Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang

Google AdWords Certification Workshop“Dr. Frank clearly explained and demonstrated the concept of Google AdWords during the 3-day certification course. I am surprised that I have passed the certification exam with flying colours. I could understand the whole concept of AdWords unquestionably now. And the best part is, he charges a very reasonable price.” – Prrudy Wong, Hitachi eBworx

Google AdWords Certification Workshop“A fully experienced and dedicated professional trainer who gave all his knowledge in hands-on AdWords Account management and prepared me for the Google certification. His sincere guidance and patience for answering my questions over and over, helped me sail through the tests and gain the basic, yet solid fundamentals in AdWords. A great teacher!” – Jane Poh, Verion Research

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Google AdWords Certification Training
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Google AdWords Certification Training
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The Google AdWords Certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords. Find out how to get certified with us.