Digital Marketing Course for Hospitality and Tourism Businesses

Digital Marketing Course for Hospitality and Tourism Businesses

Hospitality and tourism is a fiercely competitive industry that is greatly impacted by a consumer shift towards a digital lifestyle. Potential travelers are spending more time online, researching destinations and deals. To reach these prospects at the right time, digital marketing has become a vital tool for modern hospitality and tourism businesses.

To get ahead and obtain a competitive advantages over their rivals, players in the hospitality and tourism industry need to adapt to and embrace new trends and changes in the digital marketing landscape, or they get left behind.

  •  8 – 10 April 2018 (3 days), The Westin Resort, Langkawi
  • 14-15 May 2018 (2 days), venue tbc, Kuala Lumpur

This 2/3-day course is specifically custom tailored to guide participants from the hospitality and tourism industry in best practices in Digital Marketing. This is what you will learn:


How to develop your overall Digital Marketing Strategy

 There is no point producing a beautiful destination video for YouTube if there is no adequate follow-thru on all suitable marketing channels.

  • Learn how to identify and utilize multiple consumer touch points to generate a marketing funnel.

  • Learn to develop a ‘bigger picture’ and see where digital marketing fits best.

How to design and implement your Content Strategy

Content that resonates with potential customers is the driving force behind any marketing campaign, both online and offline. Business travelers will require different content strategies from family travelers or honeymooners.

  • Learn about different content types, different ways to deliver the content, and how to measure the desired impact (so you can evaluate whether you are on the right track).

How to deliver your Content for maximum ROI

At the core of your content delivery strategy will be your website/blog. This is where you turn your visitors into leads. Your website serves as the all-important central hub that collects all inbound traffic from all sources and directs it into your sales funnel.

In this module you will learn how to optimize the content delivery via a company website and/or company blog.

  • Learn how to organize and display content so it draws your customers into your sales funnel.

  • Learn methods you can use so Google displays your content favorably in it’s search results.

  • Learn how Google Analytics can help you to focus more on what works, and less on what doesn’t.



Social Media Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Many companies follow a ‘post-and-pray’ strategy when it comes to social media. Not surprisingly this doesn’t work. Social media can be a very powerful tool to reach your target audience, provided it is done right.

  • Learn a variety of strategies on how to use social media to attract and convert more fans to real revenue.

  • Understand how to best collect and leverage user generated content in your social media marketing.

  • Identify and leverage on specific social media platforms that are most popular with your prospects.

  • Create a social media content strategy that attracts new prospects and rewards existing customer.

  • Pros and cons of working with digital influencers.

  • Get practical insights on how to get your visitors to help market your services for you on social media, TripAdvisor and other review websites.

  • Discover how to manage your reputation online, such as lessening negative discussions and take full advantage of the positive.

  • Find out what are the easy to use monitoring tools to for Online Reputation Management.

Email Marketing

Many think of email marketing as ‘spam’, but email is still a very powerful tool to connect personally with your leads and customers. Done right it can become a very valuable tool within your marketing funnel.

  • Learn how email marketing can become an integral part of inbound digital marketing.

  • Learn how to optimize content for email delivery.

  • Learn about the importance of database segmentation.

  • Learn how to use email automation to turbo charge your overall marketing efforts.

  • Learn about designing email updates with high open and engagement rate.

  • You can’t improve what you can’t measure: learn how to monitor and measure your email marketing success.


DAY 3 (optional)

Online Advertising: AdWords, Facebook, Instagram

Organic reach of your digital marketing campaigns will only get you so far, in order to really broaden your coverage you will need to bite the bullet and spend money for online advertising. Since this will eat into your revenue you need to make absolutely sure that your money is well spent, and not a single cent wasted:

  • Learn the basics of Google Search Engine Marketing via Google AdWords; and how to launch profitable campaigns to drive traffic to your website.

  • Learn to optimize Facebook & Instagram Advertising to attract new customers and drive more customer conversions.

  • Learn to select the right metrics for your advertising ROI.

  • Participants will get hands on training on how to launch a live ad for Facebook and AdWords.



  • Marketing Manager/Executives/ Personnel

  • Sales Personnel Manager/Executives/ Personnel

  • Marketing and Communication

  • Online Reputation Manager

  • Digital Marketing Manager/Executives/ Personnel

  • Destination Promotion Manager

  • Anyone involved in marketing, promoting and selling hospitality and tourism related services.

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