Capt. Syahruddin bin Zainul, RMAF (Rtd)

Capt Syahruddin bin Zainul RMAF (Rtd)

Syahruddin marketed his first products online way back in 2007. He initially started by selling golf equipment via his blog and soon realized that he could generate a consistent income without major overheads. He retired from his officer position at the Royal Malaysian Air Force to become a and specialist in Digital Marketing.

He attended many relevant courses to equip himself with the up-to-date knowledge of online marketing. In 2010 he founded ApamPolkadot, which again grew from a small business from home into a sizable supplier of cup cakes all over Malaysia, employing several staff.

His most recent online business focuses on selling Kids Hijabs online via TudungSiComel.com. Although this is a new venture it has already grown so quickly that he now employs extra staff to handle the orders.

Despite his successful online businesses he finds the time to mentor and teach budding internet entrepreneurs by sharing his methods for success.

Capt Syahruddin bin Zainul RMAF (Rtd)