Who is AsiaTraining.com?

AsiaTraining.com is the training division of FJP Marketing, a Professional Digital Marketing Agency with registered offices in Malaysia (FJP Marketing Sdn. Bhd.; Company Registration Number 839890-M) and Singapore (FJP Marketing LLP; Company Registration Number LL0601140D). We are GST-registered with Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia, our GST registration number is 000070799360. We are well established with a fully paid-up share capitalization of RM1,000,000 (one million RM)

We do Internet Marketing for a living – full time and professionally. We now teach our techniques and strategies to companies and organisations (private and public) who wish to use the Internet as a platform to increase their customer base and revenue.

We don’t just teach some book knowledge like many other ‘trainers’, we teach you exactly what works for us – that makes us special.

We specialise in teaching online marketing techniques that ensure a sustainable flow of new customers to our course participants. We do this in hands-on workshops and seminars, not thru dull lectures.

Google Seminar

Our Location:

FJP Marketing Sdn. Bhd.
350B Melawati Urban 1
Taman Melawati
53100 Kuala Lumpur
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Phone (office hours): 016 232 7041

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In your training course, the instructor leads you hands-on, so you can support the Digital Marketing concepts you learn with practical exercises that are relevant to your success. We don’t just do it for you, we teach you how to do it – that makes us different.

About Asia Training

Our instructors have a wealth of experience gained from superior technical knowledge and real-world problem solving. They are all active practitioners who ‘walk the talk’. This means that everything you learn is practical, relevant and up to date – we guarantee it.

Who will be your Trainers?

Dr Frank J. Peter, Ph.D.
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Capt. Syahruddin bin Zainul, RMAF (Rtd)
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David Marshman
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